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50th Field Hospital


About the Group

The 50th Field Hospital is an attached unit of D Company, 505 PIR, 82nd Airborne Division, WWII LHA UK.

We portray members of the Army Nursing Corps detachment of the actual Field Hospital that was attached to the 82nd Airborne Division during the Holland and Bulge campaigns.  With an extremely high level of authenticity, we are able to show what life was like in the ETO for the average American Servicewoman.

Our field displays consist of a forward field hospital situated just behind the lines, able to deal with incoming combat casualties.  The Field Hospital was the next stop for all wounded after being evacuated from forward Aid Stations.  From there, after treatment,  the injured combat troops could then be forwarded to the Army's General Hospitals many miles to the rear and as far away as England. 

We actively seek members from women who are interested in this period and are keen to show that women played an extremely important part in the winning of WWII. 


If you would like to sign up for this very rewarding experience just contact Captain Nadine Willis at :

50th Field Hospital Information and Recruiting Office

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